ADLAB PRO Course Materials

Module 3 : AD of live events

Module 3 deals with 'Live Events'. It contains ten units: Live Performances; Technical Skills; Content Selection; Scripting; Touch Tours; Workflow; Evaluation; Dance and Opera; Audio Introductions; and Innovation. An audio description for a live event differs from AD for screen in several ways. Often the describer delivers their own script and operates simple sound equipment. The describer may work closely with persons with sight loss, especially if there’s a touch tour. The workflow can extend over several weeks and includes writing an audio introduction as well as the AD script. Some performances, such as mime, circus and dance are entirely non-verbal. There might be a need to describe the reactions of the audience as well as the actions on stage. As the action is live and might change, the describer has to be prepared to improvise. AD of live events is constantly evolving. In some countries it is becoming more integrated so that the describer works with members of the artistic team to incorporate the AD from the start.

This module has been assigned 6 ECTS/ECVETS.

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