ADLAB PRO Course Materials

Welcome to our course materials! The course materials we have created are the main result of the ADLAB PRO project. They are open, free and fully customisable. Six modules divided into units can be picked and matched according to the needs and existing educational or professional background of the trainees. A variety of training materials is offered to cover all the learning styles (videos, PPTs, transcripts, tasks, reading lists). A trainer’s guide will accompany teachers all the way through their teaching pathway. Introductory videos for all modules will offer a short yet thorough snapshot of each.

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UAB Open Access Repository

ADLAB PRO materials are also available from UAB's open access repository.

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Practice Your Skills

Practice Your Skills will give you access to an online audio description editor where you will be able to put into practice the skills acquired through the ADLAB PRO project. The editor has been created by Anglatècnic and it includes some clips for you to audio describe.

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